Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter 03-14-2024

Weekly Newsletter 03-14-2024

Good Morning Church Family!

Hey Church Family!

Psalm 97:1 declares ,
“The LORD reigns!  Let the earth rejoice; let the many coastlands and islands be glad.”
 Isn’t it great that God is in control?
This Sunday, adults can start signing up to help at Vacation Bible School.  See Nicole or sign up online.
March 28th, we have a Maundy Thursday worship service at 6:30 p.m.  Easter Sunday we will have Life Connection Groups for adults and children. There will be no children’s church.  We will have a nursery.  Everyone else will be in our family worship service.
April 7th is Ratification and Celebration Sunday. After we affirm joining our new Family of Churches, we will have a covered dish lunch on the grounds along with games for children.
Today, I am helping evaluate potential pastors to help replant Wando Woods Baptist Church. Please pray for Wando Woods, our church, and Northwood as we partner with each other in the spread of the gospel.
Grace to you,
Pastor Jay

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